Network Design

Your computer network is the foundation supporting the technology you use to run your business and support your employees and customers. Let our experts design a network to provide the speed, reliability, security and expandability to support your organization and help you achieve your goals.

Network Security

All businesses should consider network security and vulnerabilities no matter what size organization or what type of business. Let our network security experts discuss your business goals, exposure, and budget and create a plan to protect your data and minimize your risk.

Technology for business processes

As a business owner or manager, do you have business processes or departments where you would like to increase productivity, reliability, or efficiency ? Let our consultants review these areas with you. Using our knowledge of your industry and our past experience with other companies like yours, we will work with you and your staff on a technology plan to accomplish your goals.

Virtualization and Network Storage

Have you considered virtualization or centralized SAN storage ? Let our experts show you how server and desktop virtualization combined with centralized network storage can provide a robust, fast, and extremely reliable setup for your staff to have access to their data.

On-site and Offsite Backup and Data Recovery Services

Let our experts design a backup plan to provide peace of mind that your data is protected – guaranteed. Using our new technology, we can provide backup services that allow recovery of a complete server failure within 15 minutes or a catastrophic disaster within 12 hours – without having to manually carry your data offsite !

Remote access and security

Need to provide remote access to office resources to employees or vendors but concerned about overall security ? Our experts can work with you and your staff to provide them access to the resources they need and prevent remote access to resources they don’t need.